When life’s stresses are weighing you down, you’ll probably feel like hitting up the bar where everybody knows your name. What might actually serve your soul in a genuine way is to go where no one does. Because when your brain is as buzzy as the city streets, you need a real reprieve.

Getting out in nature, whether it’s for a picnic or a walk in the woods, can help you reclaim your calm, find your center, or whatever zen mind trick you’re trying to pull. Luckily, you don’t have to go far to find a spot to embrace the outdoors, unplug, and recharge. Here are seven peaceful spots in Baltimore to unwind.

The Red Trail at Lake Roland: The park and nature center at Lake Roland are big hits, especially in the springtime. But off the beaten path, you’ll find tons of trails to wander. The red trail, which juts off the main part of the park (between the playground and the dog park) follows Falls Road north for two miles. On it, you’ll find streams, bridges, and art installations. Higher traffic times are in the morning and late afternoon, but around midday, only a few folks can be found snapping twigs under their heels. Whether you’re looking to have a walking meditation or a workout, this shady trail can’t be beat. 1000 Lakeside Drive

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