Click on the small map for a Trail Map of Lake Roland (park). Because much of the park is an environmentally sensitive area, biking is restricted to the Red Trail, Blue Trail, boardwalk, and the paved areas. Complete bicycle specific regulations can be found HERE (pdf).

Lake Roland Trails

Lake Roland Trail Map

More details of the peninsula, parking, and canoe launch are available by clicking on this small map.

Lake Roland Canoe Launch Map thumbnail

Main Park Peninsula Map

The satellite image of Lake Roland and surrounding neighborhoods is shown below.

Lake Roland GIS Map

Lake Roland on Google Maps

Lake Roland Google Maps

Lake Roland on Baltimore County GIS

Lake Roland Baltimore County GIS map(Turn off zoning and zoning history layers leaving only the property layer on, change base map to 2017 Baltimore County Imagery)

Memorial Bench Program Map Phase 1

Memorial Bench Program Map Phase 2

Memorial Bench Map Phase 2

Memorial Bench Program Map Phase 3

Memorial Bench Map Phase 3

Memorial Tree Program Map

Memorial Tree Map

Corporate and Individual Sponsor Recycling Program Map

Corporate and Individual Recycling Station Map

Art on the Trail Map

Art on the Trail map

If you have hiked all the trails in Lake Roland, Baltimore County has a Walking Paths and Trails guide to numerous other locations available in the county.