Boy Scouts of America

Eagle Scouts have completed numerous projects throughout Lake Roland making both a significant and invaluable contribution toward the environmental stewardship of the park. There are no requirements for the size of an Eagle Project, the number of hours required to complete a project or the number of people who work on the project. The Eagle Scout candidate is required to demonstrate the ability to plan, develop and provide leadership on the project they select. All proposed Eagle Scout projects must be approved by park staff prior to actually proceeding with the project. In addition, to receive final park staff approval at the conclusion of the project, the project must be both complete and completed in a manner consistent with the original project proposal. If you have an Eagle Scout project that you would like to propose for the park, please e-mail [email protected]. Lake Roland and the Lake Roland Nature Council are not affiliated with the Boys Scouts of America, their beliefs and/or positions taken on a number of social issues. The park is open to all organizations and individuals who are looking to contribute towards the environmental stewardship of the park.