Environmental Committee

Mission Statement:

Protecting, preserving, interpreting and restoring the environmentally significant resources of Lake Roland for future generations.

Goals & Objectives:

The park is fortunate to have an impressive collection of rare native species plants, insects, and birds, and rare at-risk environmental habitats. The Environmental Preservation Committee focuses on policy issues related to the following:

  • Habitat preservation, including identification preservation of native species plants.
  • Management and plans for control of invasive species that potentially threaten the park.
  • Water monitoring including upstream influences and runoff/erosion impact.
  • Partnering with other Nature Council committees to implement best practices including measures to ensure the sustainability several rare and delicate environmental resources in the park.
  • Establishing strategic alliances with area organizations including the Natural History Society of Maryland, the Maryland Nature Plant Society, the Baltimore Bird Club and area garden clubs to hold events and demonstration projects in the park.

The Environmental Preservation Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month. The Committee can be contacted at [email protected].

Chair, Peter Lev

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