The Lake Roland Nature Council is committed to the stewardship of the Park’s environmental resources which include globally rare ecologies and habitats in addition to significant historical assets. Beginning with the founding of the Lake Roland Nature Council in 2010, the Council’s Environmental and Historic Preservation Committees have been focused on initiatives to ensure the sustainability of the Park’s environmental and historic resources.

Baltimore County, volunteers and park staff have dedicated tens of thousands of hours in making critically needed improvements to the park including shoreline restoration and other infrastructure improvements, removal of invasive plants that threaten the survival of native species, and trash removal, for example.

The Lake Roland Nature Council has embarked on a number of important strategic capital improvement projects in the park over the past decade. These projects were made possible as the result of State of Maryland, Baltimore County, and private funding initiated by the Lake Roland Nature Council. To learn more about these projects, please select one of the links below.

Strategic planning, including major capital and environmental projects within the park, is a function of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The full Board must discuss and approve any large-scale project. Both before and after Board approval, the Executive Committee will guide the planning process. The President may designate one or more Executive Committee members to take the lead on a specific project. The President may also invite Board members and other individuals with knowledge and skills relevant to a long-term project to meet with the Executive Committee to discuss that project. In addition to conventional meetings, the Executive Committee in its planning function may sponsor outdoor walks and surveys to assess certain aspects and conditions of Lake Roland. At least once per year, the Executive Committee should hold a meeting dedicated to the long-term plans and prospects of the park.

If you have ideas for park improvements or other things you would like to see in the park, please contact us via our Contact Form or email us at [email protected].

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