Memorial Tree Program

Memorial trees are a beautiful and ecological way to memorialize friends and loved ones, especially individuals that may have enjoyed spending time in the park in their own lifetime. In addition, some donors may enjoy making a tree donation within their own lifetime, so they may be able to take pleasure in watching the tree grow into the park’s natural landscape.

Memorial trees for installation in Lake Roland will be purchased by the Lake Roland Nature Council (LRNC) once the donation of $1,000.00 and signed agreement is received by the LRNC.

The above cost covers the purchase of the tree, installation of the tree, one plaque, and maintenance and/or needed replacement of the tree for two years. The tree will be added to a permanent Memorial Tree Map that will be available in the Lake Roland Nature Center for future assistance in locating the tree.

Donors will be given a selection list of native trees that are appropriate for the park. LRNC will have final say on the type of tree due to availability, health and planting season, and will be the sole decision maker for the placement of the tree in the park. We are focusing on appropriately improving the declining tree canopy in the park.

The park will install the tree either in the spring or fall and will notify the donor when and where the tree and plaque are installed. A park representative will personally show the donor the location of the tree so that a memorial ceremony can be planned and performed at the tree site if desired.

Memorial Tree Program