GeoCaching combines the thrill of exploration with the excitement of treasure hunting. Through the official GeoCaching app, available on both the App Store and Google Play, adventurers can gain access to the GPS coordinates of GeoCaches hidden all around them. Lake Roland is proud to announce that thanks to the efforts of Eagle Scout Cody Weagly of Troop #340, we now have four officially published GeoCaches at Lake Roland! The links to each GeoCache can be found below.


Cody Weagly, Eagle Scout of Troop 340, stands in front of the Serpentine Restoration sign after hiding one his caches.

Serpentine Barrens
Vernal Pool
Upper Jones Falls

GeoCache hidden somewhere in the Serpentine Barrens…

Inside each cache you will find a short excerpt about the ecosystem you are in, as well as a logbook to record your visit! A fun way to interact with these GeoCaches is to see how both the landscape and the plants and animals present might change throughout the various seasons. Stay tuned, more caches are soon to come!

Disclaimer: GeoCaches were placed with the expressed permission of the Lake Roland Nature Council and Baltimore County Recreation and Parks staff. No GeoCaches may be placed in Lake Roland from private persons or groups. Lake Roland is not currently accepting any submissions to be added to our official list of caches. Any caches found on park property will be reported to the volunteers for GeoCaching, and the cache will be removed.