The Lake Roland Nature Council (Lake Roland) is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteer engagement, involvement and development is critical for both the sustainability of the Lake Roland Nature Council and the long-term viability of Lake Roland. One cannot exist without the other.

Lake Roland and The Lake Roland Nature Council offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for all levels of volunteer engagement. Opportunities range from single events to long term volunteer involvement. This includes committee-based activities ranging from projects to board level involvement.

Examples of volunteer opportunities:

  • Programs and Events (Children’s Events, Halloween, Easter, Canoeing/Kayaking, Mud Day, Fishing Days, Camp Outs, Hikes, Park Program Registrations, Setups and Cleanups)
  • Park Maintenance (Trails, Tree Planting, Gardening, Invasive Plant Removal)
  • Paw Point Cleanup (Light Shoveling, Removing Fallen Tree Limbs, Leaf Blowing, Occasional Power Washing and Filling Holes)
  • Park Cleanup (On the Lake Using Canoes/Kayaks, On Land Both On and Off Trails)
  • Nature Center (Support Staff with Nature Center and Office Needs)

To inquire about volunteer opportunities or questions regarding volunteering please e-mail us at [email protected]

To view and sign up for current volunteer activities, please go to our volunteer signup portal.

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Volunteer requirements and accommodations:

  • All volunteers are required to execute and submit a Lake Roland Nature Council Volunteer Form prior to performing any volunteer activities in Lake Roland and/or on behalf of the Lake Roland Nature Council. The executed form can be sent directly to Lake Roland Nature Council or dropped off with park staff. The form can be found HERE.
  • Certain volunteer activities require background checks to be completed prior to engaging in these volunteer activities. Guidelines regarding these requirements and information on performing your background check can be found HERE.
  • It is critical that the volunteer understands what is expected of them to accomplish the volunteer task as described prior to signing up as the we want all patron programming and activities to be successful. Read the activity description prior to signing up.
  • Lake Roland volunteers are to follow the volunteer outing specific guidance, direction and instructions provided to them by park staff and Lake Roland Nature Council Board Members during the actual outing without deviation. If the volunteer has suggestions on how to improve the volunteer outing, as a whole or aspects of the outing, that feedback should be given directly to park staff or members of the Lake Roland Nature Council board. On occasion, outings that have had appointed activity leaders with separate self-appointed volunteers contradicting those appointed leaders creates overall confusion for the activity participants, and frequently lessens the participants enjoyment of the program they are participating in. The goal is 100% park patron/participant satisfaction. The one exception to this guidance would be if an imminent life safety issue is detected by a volunteer, that information should be communicated immediately to all participants, park staff and Lake Roland Nature Council Board members. Remember, volunteers are not program participants, volunteers are there to support the patron’s enjoyment in the program or activity, not actively participate in the program or activity as if the volunteer was a patron.
  • Certain volunteer activities within Lake Roland require specific physical abilities to either accomplish the actual volunteer task or to accomplish the volunteer task in such a manner that the volunteer’s personal safety and/or patron safety is not put at risk, in particular, but not limited to, children participating in park programming. In the event there is a volunteer activity that you would like to participate in but you have some form of physical limitation(s) or mobility limitation, please notify park staff and the Lake Roland Nature Council immediately so that a reasonable accommodation may be provided on the day of the volunteer outing. Park staff and the Lake Roland Nature Council will make every effort to afford the volunteer with reasonable accommodations to allow the volunteer to meet their volunteer commitments. Based on the nature of some volunteer outings, if a reasonable accommodation is unable to be provided due to the type of activity or broader life/safety concerns, alternate volunteer opportunities that can have reasonable accommodations afforded will be suggested. If a proposed or suggested accommodation would put the volunteer receiving the accommodation at risk of bodily injury, park staff at risk of bodily injury or other volunteers at risk of bodily injury, the accommodation will be declined on a basis of safety. In addition, reasonable notice must be provided regarding the need of a reasonable volunteer accommodation so that it can be reasonably accommodated. Last minute requests for accommodations can put the actual ability to execute park programming and activities at risk of failure based on park staff and volunteer headcounts assigned to support specific park programming and activities. These headcounts would have been previously increased if a reasonable volunteer accommodation request had been received in a reasonable and timely manner. If those very park staff and volunteers are re-directed at the last minute to afford a volunteer in need of a reasonable accommodation versus performing the actual programming and activities they are volunteering for and then the program or activity could put at risk of failing. Please send your accommodation request to park staff and the Lake Roland Nature Council HERE. All volunteers are welcome at Lake Roland and every reasonable accommodation will be made to that end.
  • Lake Roland volunteers are expected to comply with all applicable laws and Lake Roland rules and regulations, as well as comply with the rules and regulations of the specific Lake Roland Nature Council committee for which the volunteer is volunteering for.
  • Lake Roland volunteers are expected to arrive on time for their volunteer commitments; park programming, meetings or events will not be delayed to accommodate a late volunteer. Plan ahead to arrive on time.
  • Lake Roland volunteers are expected to dress in appropriate attire as it pertains to their specific volunteer outing. The term appropriate would apply to clothing that takes into account the current weather conditions and ground during the volunteer outing event if outside, proper attire fitment regarding clothing and footwear as to not impede mobility as it pertains to volunteer safety, etc. In addition, clothing and attire that expresses political beliefs or is offense or vulgar or profane is prohibited.
  • Lake Roland volunteers must not use or engage in foul language, foul humor or violence of any nature while serving at Lake Roland. Volunteers must act respectfully to others as if they themselves were representing the Baltimore County Government and the Lake Roland Nature Council.
  • As that everyone has a life filled with commitments and priorities that can from time to time take precedence over volunteer commitments, please notify park staff and the Lake Roland Nature Council in the event that a prior volunteer commitment needs to be cancelled. The earlier park staff and the Lake Roland Nature Council is made aware of this cancellation, the earlier that efforts can made to fill the vacated volunteer slot. In addition, if you have signed up to volunteer via our SignUpGenius volunteer management platform for Lake Roland or Paw Point, please cancel your signup so that your volunteer slot will be re-posted as open for other volunteers to sign up to support the specific volunteer outing.