Lake Roland
The Lake Roland Nature Council Residents’ Committee seeks to promote, preserve and protect the interests of the residents and property owners surrounding Lake Roland regarding issues and impacts caused by their neighbor, Lake Roland. The Committee’s aim is to support the efforts of Baltimore County Government, Lake Roland Park Staff and the Lake Roland Nature Council, in working for the benefit of the park and the residents in resolving issues when they arise. The Resident’s Committee does not weigh in or become involved with issues that occur outside Lake Roland not caused by Lake Roland, for example residential and commercial development, neighbor on neighbor related issues or issues that originate on a individuals property owners’ property. Issues that originate or occur outside the boundaries of Lake Roland is the purview of Baltimore County Government.

The Residents’ Committee can be contacted at [email protected].

Park Staff can be contacted at

Chair, Lake Roland Nature Council Executive Committee

For additional resources and solutions to residential issues surrounding Lake Roland, please contact the Ruxton-Riderwood-Lake Roland Area Improvement Association at [email protected].