Art on the Trail


To serve as a resource for the active promotion, coordination and support of the Art On The Trail program at Lake Roland.

Goals & Objectives:

The Art On The Trail Committee works with the Lake Roland Nature Council to support cultural arts programs within the park and to bring art awareness to the visitors of Lake Roland. This Committee continues to work to establish the Art On The Trail program, associated events and provide information that help park visitors access the arts in a different venue.

The goal of the Committee is to encourage artists to work with Lake Roland to engage visitors in learning to see in new ways — by providing new avenues through which the visitors experience and learn about the park environment.

The intent of the Committee is to solicit temporary works of environmental/land art and install for display throughout the Lake Roland trail system that have no negative impact on the land.

The Art On The Trail Committee aspires to enhance an already acclaimed county park with the integration and appreciation of art as an essential element for the visitor experience and interpretation. The Art on the Trail Committee can be contacted at [email protected].

Chair, Kurt Davis