Eastern White Pine

Pinus strobus

Eastern White Pine

The eastern white pine is a majestic tree that can easily exceed a height of 80 feet and a spread of 20-40 feet. Its straight trunk, open canopy and pyramidal shape grow more picturesque with age. Despite its beauty, it is a messy tree! Its cones are hard to rake and slow to decompose, its pollen can cover car windshields, and its sap can be quite sticky. Yet, the white pine is famous as it adorns many homes during the Christmas holiday season, as a decorated tree and as boughs and wreaths.

Aside from its popularity among humans, many other living creatures enjoy the white pine. Black bears, red squirrels, rabbits and many birds feast on the pine seeds. Similarly, many birds choose the white pine for nesting sites. This species grows quickly and is a great choice for landscapes with ample space.

Larger Eastern white pines can be found at Gunpowder Falls State Park including the Baltimore County Champion: Airtable – Tree Listings on Website

For more information, visit EASTERN WHITE PINE (usda.gov)