Interested in renting one of our two pavilions for an event?

Lake Roland Pavilion #1

The traditional Pavilion #1 is on the crest of the hill overlooking the entire peninsula.

Each pavilion accommodates 50 people, at a rental cost of $200 for the 4 hours from either 8:30AM to 12:30PM or from 1:30PM to 5:30PM. For other or extended time periods, the cost is $300. Note Lake Roland (park) hours are sunrise to sunset and pavilion events are requested to conclude one half hour before park closing. Baltimore County requires a reservation for groups of 12 persons or more using a pavilion. Both pavilions have views of the park and are overlooking Lake Roland. Alcohol and amplified music and audio are not permitted in the park. Attention: There are some changes with our rentals Due to Covid-19. Restrooms will only be available from 9am-5pm with a 1 hour break between 12:30-1:30PM for Bathroom cleaning. Rental capacity is set to meet a 50% capacity and Tables are spaced appropriately based on best practices for Social Distancing and shall not be moved/rearranged.

See the peninsula MAP for location of the pavilions.

Lake Roland Pavilion #2

The modern Pavilion #2 has a commanding view of the dam.

The pavilions are located at the top of a steep incline. If renters have any mobility concerns please describe them in the message field below and notify staff with your initial rental request.

On the day of the rental, patron and staff personal safety will be taken into consideration when requests are made for assistance to access pavilions. It should be noted that staff members may not always be available for aiding patrons in traveling to and from the pavilion rentals. Attention: To keep everyone safe and follow Social Distancing Best practices, staff will not be aiding any patrons to and from pavilions until further notice. Renters are required to use disposable or reusable table coverings while using the pavilion. In addition, based on the nature of Covid-19 transmission, it is up to the individual renter and guests to determine if using the rented space is a safe decision for themselves.

Send inquiries about renting a Lake Roland pavilion for your event.

Pavilion Rentals are closed due to restrictions based on Covid-19. Rentals for 2021 will not be accepted until Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. Remember groups of 12 or more are required to have a permit to be in the park. Groups of 12 or more that are found in the park will be asked to leave for the day.