The Nature Center Landscape Design Plan describes an interpretive trail to be built behind the Lake Roland Nature Center. The trail will present to Lake Roland visitors all the stages of a floodplain forest, from meadow to mature deciduous trees. Interpretive signs will describe the plant communities and animal life associated with the various successional stages.

Lake Roland Nature Council has engaged the landscape design firm Larry Weaner and Associates to plan the interpretive trail. Consultants from Larry Weaner and Associates describe the proposed trail like this:

Our idea is to create a walk through time that will take a visitor through the successional forces at play in a floodplain forest. This journey will bring the visitor from a new land deposit with full sun gap species and fast growing, short lived trees through the transitional forest and finally to the mature floodplain forest with its large trees and understory grasses. Small depressions and/or other microhabitats (created or existing) that flood more often have their own ecological story to tell. At each major point of this successional story, there will be a small gardenesque stopping point, where classes can be taught, signage could be created to educate visitors, or just serve as a place to pause and take in the landscape.

Lake Roland Landscape Design Framework

Larry Weaner and Associates has thus far provided first draft drawings of the interpretive trail as well as an invasive plant management plan for the floodplain area. Hunt Valley-based Century Engineering donated surveyor time to lay out the trail network. The next step is for Lake Roland Nature Council to gather volunteers and begin to implement the interpretive trail. Both the  process of building the trail and the final product will create educational opportunities for the Lake Roland community.

Lake Roland Landscape Design Framework
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Lake Roland Landscape Design Framework

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