Memorial Recycling Program
Memorial Recycling Program

Corporate Sponsor recycling stations are a wonderful way to support the parks efforts regarding environmental stewardship, in particular corporations that may have enjoyed and supported the myriad of environmental stewardship aspects of the park.

Corporate Sponsor recycling stations for placement in Lake Roland will be purchased by the Lake Roland Nature Council once the recycling station donation of ($3,750) is received by the Nature Council.

The above cost ($3,750) includes purchase, shipping, installation and plaque, and general maintenance of the recycling station.

Standards for memorial recycling stations in Lake Roland consist of the one black metal recycling stations described below:

  • Style: Midtown dual recycle/litter receptacle with door. Manufacturer product information HERE
  • Material: Steel and a durable powder coated black finish.
  • Plaque: Sand Cast Bronze with plaque tray 10” x 5”
  • The lettering is sand cast and raised from the brown leather background. Bronze lettering in Palatino font, maximum 50 characters, no more than 4 lines.

The Lake Roland Nature Council, in consultation with the donator, will determine the appropriate location for the recycling stations. Recycling station locations are maintained on the Lake Roland Corporate Sponsor Stations location map. The map can be located HERE.

Recycling stations will be installed on a concrete pad in close proximity to a walkway.

Going forward maintenance will be the responsibility of the Lake Roland Nature Council. Corporate Sponsor Recycling Station and Maintenance Agreement can be found HERE.

Corporate Sponsor recycling stations are received as gifts to Lake Roland, and once received become the property of Lake Roland. If a Corporate Sponsor recycling station must be relocated, the Lake Roland Nature Council will identify an appropriate new location for the recycling station, in consultation with the original donor.

The Corporate Sponsor Recycling Station Guidelines can be found HERE.

Current Corporate Sponsor Recycling Station Plaques can be found HERE.

If you are interested, please e-mail [email protected].

Corporate Sponsor Recycling Station Program Photos