The Lake Roland Nature Council and its committees welcome new members and volunteers. You can join our Council.



Art on the Trail Committee

Provides coordination between Lake Roland and local environmental/land artists to bring unique art installations to the trail system of Lake Roland.

Civic and Community Outreach Committee

Communicates with and educates nearby communities about Lake Roland and its unique treasures and encourages citizens to become park users and good stewards of the park through participation in park activities.

Environmental and Historical Preservation Committee

Focuses on efforts to preserve the environmental assets of the park and ensure that Park users are informed about the historical elements that make the park a unique Baltimore resource.

Membership Committee

Promotes membership in the Nature Council as a way to identify volunteers who will support its operations and programs.

Paw Point Committee

Operates Paw Point Dog Park, is a membership-only off-leash area for dogs and their friends, located at the tip of the Peninsula in Lake Roland.

Recreation Committee

Sponsors recreational opportunities that meet a broad variety of community needs, without infringing on the needs of other park users.

Residents’ Committee

Communicates with and educates residents on issues of common concern related to preservation of the park’s natural assets. The committee provides information to neighbors and residents about activities and programs sponsored by the Nature Council and the park.

Trails Committee

Focuses on trail maintenance projects including fallen tree and vine removal, trail mulching, erosion abatement, and lake cleanups.